Mind Over Matter: Strategies for Staying Sharp and Alert as You Age

Your physical abilities aren’t the only things that may start to decline as you age, but your mental abilities may also decline. This is why it is just as important to keep your brain healthy and sharp as well as your body.

We’ve listed some of the ways you can keep your mind sharp and alert as you age. Read on below to learn more.

1 | Stimulate Your Brain

Mental stimulation is incredibly important for brain health. You can do this in a number of ways; it could be that there’s a specific topic that interests you and you’ve always wanted to learn more about it – why not partake in a free online course or local classes and do just that? Or perhaps you’re looking to pursue a new hobby such as knitting or crochet (both of which are also great for dexterity).

Even something as simple as completing a crossword, sudoku or any other kind of puzzle are enough to stimulate your brain and keep it active.

2 | Stay Physically Active

Not only is physical activity important for keeping your body strong and healthy as you age, but it also aids in keeping your mind healthy. Regular exercise helps to maintain regular blood flow to the brain, which reduces your risk of high blood pressure – a physical condition that is heavily associated with the development of dementia.

3 | Eat Healthily

As we’ve said, high blood pressure and high cholesterol levels can lead to an increased risk of dementia, and what affects those? Your diet. Eating an overall healthy and balanced diet can reduce your risks of this occurring, while specific foods such as vegetables and food rich in Omega-3 fatty acids (e.g. fish, such as salmon, or nuts, such as walnuts) are associated with a decreased risk of cognitive decline.

4 | Play a Video Game

Have you ever admonished your children or grandchildren for playing too many video games? Well, they could admonish you for not playing enough. Several studies have concluded that playing video games stimulates multiple parts of the brain, including those that control movement, memory, planning and fine motor skills.

Even better, you get to have fun at the same time and gaming could be a great way to spend some quality time with your grandkids!

5 | Socialise

Socialising is important at all ages, especially later on in life when you become more susceptible to isolations and loneliness. Not only is staying social beneficial to your wellbeing, but talking with others and partaking in meaningful social interactions helps to sharpen your brain, maintain thinking skills and slow down cognitive decline, according to research.

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