Misconceptions About Stairlift Installation

As experts in the stairlift installation industry, we understand that there is a range of misconceptions surrounding the process of stairlift installation. Some people believe that stairlifts will irrevocably damage their home. Others might think that their stairs are not suitable for a stairlift installation. In this blog, we dispel myths and misconceptions around stairlift installations and whether they can damage your home.

Will a Stairlift Installation Damage My Stairs?

Many people hold-off from getting a stairlift installation as they worry about the impact it may have on the value of their home once they leave. Stairlifts are held in place with screws, however, these screws are small and thin and, therefore, will not leave any lasting damage. As long as you have your stairlift installed by professionals, there should be no sign that it was ever there once it’s been uninstalled.

Stairlift Installations Don’t Always Have To Be Expensive

Although new stairlift installations can be pricey – especially larger ones for complicated stairlifts – there are several cheaper options. For example, you could buy a reconditioned stairlift and save significant amounts of money on the installation cost.

Stairlift Installations are Not Always a Permanent Fixture

You might only require a stairlift temporarily, in which case, a permanent installation would not be a suitable solution. However, stairlifts do not always need to be permanent – you can rent them as well!

You Must Have a Straight Staircase For a Stairlift

Whatever type of staircase you have, you should always be able to find a stairlift solution to suit your property. Stairlifts are not only suitable for straight staircases. You can buy custom or curved stairlifts for a wide range of styles of staircases.

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