Moving House vs Installing a Stairlift

If you or someone you live with has begun to find it difficult to climb the stairs comfortably or safely, you may be wondering whether it’s time to move house. Relocating from a two or three-storey house – or even a block of flats – into a bungalow can make it easier and safer to move around your property independently, without the risk of suffering a stair-related incident. However, moving house is no easy feat. It takes a lot of time and money, and there’s no guarantee that you’ll find a suitable property in your desired area. For this reason, many people opt to install a stairlift instead. Here’s why.

Moving house is more expensive than installing a stairlift

There’s no way to move house on a budget. It costs a lot to relocate, even if you’re renting rather than buying a new property. Alongside the price of the house itself, you’ll also need to consider solicitor and estate agent fees, in addition to the cost of transporting your belongings from A to B.

Installing or renting a stairlift is a much more cost-effective way to make moving around your home easier and safer and you’ll only have the installation fee to pay for. You also have the option to buy a reconditioned stairlift to cut costs even further.

Moving house is more stressful than installing a stairlift

Moving into a bungalow may sound like the most convenient option if you use a wheelchair or live with mobility difficulties. However, moving house can be very stressful. It’s also a time-consuming process that often takes months to complete.

On the other hand, stairlifts can be installed in just a few hours. Once the stairlift is designed and installed according to your specific requirements, it’ll be ready to use immediately.

Moving house may mean moving away from your loved ones

Living close to your loved ones can be a huge comfort and if you have a close relationship with your neighbours, it’s unlikely you’ll want to move away. You may even have friends and family who visit regularly to help out around the house, which can be a big help if you find it difficult to climb the stairs comfortably. This is certainly something you need to bear in mind when making your decision.

When you install a stairlift, however, you won’t need to give up any of the home comforts you’re used to. In fact, nothing will change at all – apart from the fact that it’ll be easier to move up and down the stairs when you need to.

So, is it better to move into a bungalow or install a stairlift if you live with mobility difficulties? Of course, it depends on your circumstances and preferences. However, opting for a stairlift is generally the easiest, most convenient and more cost-effective option. If you’re making this decision on behalf of a loved one, remember that significant life changes, such as moving house, can be very stressful and confusing.

When you choose us at Alfix Stairlifts to adapt your home, you can rest assured that we’ll always put your needs and requirements first. We have a range of new and reconditioned straight and curved stairlifts to suit all properties, ready to be installed by our friendly and professional team of experts. To discuss your requirements or to learn more about the benefits of installing a stairlift, please don’t hesitate to contact us today. We look forward to hearing from you.