My Stairlift Will Not Move: Troubleshooting Tips

Having trouble with your stairlift? Fear not, in the unlikely event that your stairlift is not operating as normal, the cause of the problem is usually fairly straightforward and easy to fix. It’s time to get troubleshooting before calling your installers.

Here are some top troubleshooting tips that you can try.

Is the stairlift plugged in and turned on?

If your stairlift is not moving then the first thing you should check is the power outlet. It could be that a wire has come unloose so simply push it back into the slot. Alternatively, if the power supply is plugged into the outlet then it may need to be turned back on so check the switch and be sure that your electric circuit hasn’t tripped.

Is there something stuck?

Perhaps your stairlift is unable to move because something is stuck. Have a check around the stairlift including around the rail and the foot of the device as there may be something lodged there or even dust and debris can cause parts to stop working – most stair lift models have a sensory plate that will not allow a chair to operate if it senses an object is in the way. Regular cleaning is essential for avoiding these kinds of problems.

Can you see an error code?

When stairlifts experience problems, most devices will display an error code. If you can see one displayed, take a look in your manual to diagnose the problem. You should be able to find more details on the issue including what you can do to resolve it. Some codes will indicate a simple problem and some will refer you to call a local stairlift repair company.

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