New Years Goals To Help Your Retired Relatives In 2024

As we move into 2024, new year’s resolutions are in full force! Sometimes, year long resolutions can be difficult to maintain, and setting short term goals can actually be more beneficial to us. Because short term goals are more attainable, they can help us feel accomplished throughout the year!  

Our blog looks at some 2024 goals you can set for your retired relatives this year. To find out more, keep on reading!  

2024 Goals For Your Older Relatives 

Everyone’s goals are going to look different, and no matter how big or small they are, it’s important to stay positive and supportive. Our suggestions are simple but effective ways to stay healthy and well throughout the year. Read below to hear some of our new year ideas!  

Reach Out To Old Friends/Make New Ones 

Staying social doesn’t become any less important as you become older and keeping up a social life can be great for depression in later years. Socially active older adults have a reduced risk of memory loss and a smaller chance of developing dementia.  

Keep Your Mind Active 

Staying mentally active is super important as we get older, especially during retirement. Staying sharp and challenging your mind can help with memory loss, dementia and boredom. Simple activities such as crosswords, puzzles and reading can help you keep your mind active and stimulated.  

Healthier Diet Choices 

A classic goal for the new year is often to make better dietary choices, and this is also important in later life too. Getting your 5 a day in and avoiding processed foods can benefit both your mind and your body. By eating a healthier diet, you may find that your energy and stamina improve, as well as your sleep schedule.  

Getting Outside  

Last but not least is getting out. Making an effort to go outside or exercise is a great goal to set yourself for the new year. Whether you take part in walking groups, go for a run or do some simple stretches at home, keeping your body active is crucial in later life. It can prevent a range of physical problems such as mobility issues and will also help you sleep better.  


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