Tips For Planning A Great Holiday If You Are Disabled

The world has some fantastic destinations for people with limited mobility. Whether it’s a sunny relaxing holiday by the pool or a cosy winter break you are after, there is something out there for everyone. Planning a holiday if you have mobility issues will require a bit more consideration however, so we have provided a list of things to think about:

Stay In The Most Accessible Parts Of Town

If you know that you will want to spend most of your time at the beach or in the old town by the restaurants and bars, then choose a hotel situated closeby for easy access. Take a look at local maps or ask someone who has stayed in the destination who may be able to help you out.

Book Hotels Far In Advance

Booking well ahead of time will ensure you get access to the best facilities, and booking in advance normally guarantees you cheaper rates too.

Choose A Flat(ish) Destination

We know you may love the hills of San Francisco or the cobbled, hilly streets of Lisbon, but try to give yourself easy travel options to navigate if you have mobility issues. There are plenty of holiday destinations, such as the sunny shores of the costa del sol or the ancient architecture of Egypt which are still easily accessible.

Plan Ahead

Arrange travel options in advance of you arriving at your destination. This can include someone to collect your bags from the airport, specialist transport to and from the hotel, and accessible transport for any excursions you have planned.

Create a hit list of people you want to talk to before you book anything. Around 15% of the world population have some form of disability, and likely your needs are going to be different from many other disabled people. Therefore, it can be helpful to speak to an organisation that understands your condition for more advice. You could also join a facebook group and ask fellow members about their successful holiday stories. They may be able to offer help and advice on the best tour operators and how to avoid pitfalls etc.

Disabled Tour Operators

There are a range of holiday companies out there specifically aimed at providing accessible travel. Arranging everything from coach travel to insurance, luggage and mobility scooters once you get there, disabled tour operators will be able to advise you on the best destinations and arrange the right service for your needs.

Organise A Mobility Scooter

Don’t tire your arms or legs out with wheelchairs and walkers, let technology relieve the physical exertion for you, plan ahead and ensure the hotel has a mobility scooter waiting for you once you arrive, with adequate facilities to charge it and leave it during your stay.

Alfix Stairlifts: Reliable Stairlift Installation & Repairs

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