Relocating After Retirement: The Best Countries To Move To

If you’re looking ahead to your retirement plans, then you may be considering the many benefits of spending your twilight years abroad. Various factors such as a warmer climate, low housing costs and a better standard of living could convince you to relocate in later life.

But it can be difficult to choose exactly where you want to go, where there are many places that offer all the benefits you might be looking for from your relocation. Read on for an overview of some of the top countries to move to if you’re looking for a better life abroad following your retirement.


Spain remains one of the top destinations for UK residents who are looking for a sunny spot to retire to. Southern parts of the country reach average winter temperatures of 15 degrees, where you can stay warm all year round whilst enjoying the country’s amazing food and beaches.


Some UK residents love the appeal of moving to the other side of the world, where a warm climate and impressive scenery could tempt you to make this big change. It’s the perfect place to enjoy the outdoors in your retirement, where beaches, diving spots and national parks are bound to keep you active. Like Spain, Australia also has a higher safety rating than the UK, which is bound to bring some peace of mind to retirees.


Greece offers a perfect combination of cultural history and relaxing beaches to tempt retirees to the stunning country, with an average yearly temperature of around 19 degrees to enjoy. Low living costs and a reliable healthcare system also help to make Greece an attractive destination.


Another long-haul destination, Thailand offers a wide variety of stunning scenery alongside affordable accommodation and cuisine. An increase in luxury travel to the area means that you can also enjoy relaxing spas and wellness facilities as well as the excitement of busy cities such as Bangkok and Phuket.


Italy combines the draw of world-renowned cuisine with a warm climate and rich cultural history. A variety of natural landscapes including beautiful countryside and coastlines means that there will always be somewhere spectacular to visit. Like many other European destinations, Italy also offers a cheaper cost of living than the UK, which can help make your retirement budget go the extra mile.

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