Retiring in Style: The Best Holidays for Seniors to Enjoy

Everyone enjoys a little time off to enjoy a holiday once or twice a year – not only is it good to enjoy a well-deserved break, but everyone should take the opportunity to explore the world when they can. If you’ve not yet had the opportunity to do so, then retirement is the perfect time to compensate.

From accessible UK getaways to all-inclusive cruises, read on below as we discuss some of the best holiday ideas for senior citizens to enjoy.


Cruises are ideal for elderly people looking to go on holiday, offering a convenient yet unforgettable experience.

Firstly, they have everything you could need in one place, including food, accommodation, shopping and entertainment. Moreover, everything is included in the same cost – rather than having to arrange flights, accommodation and food for the duration of your stay, you simply pay a single cost to cover all of these factors at once, making a cruise holiday much simpler to organise than the hassle of staying abroad.

This also makes cruises ideal for those with specific accessibility requirements or who may struggle with their mobility whereby staying in and exploring a foreign country may otherwise be difficult.

On top of that, rather than simply visiting a single destination, the majority of cruises make multiple stops along the way, allowing you to visit various different countries for a day of exploring throughout the duration of your trip. You’ll also have the beautiful ocean views to enjoy along the way!

UK Getaway

We’re very lucky here in the UK that the combination of our small size and comprehensive national travel links makes national getaways highly feasible and relatively easy to arrange. No matter your accessibility requirements, there will be a way for you to visit other locations in the UK – namely via coach or train, or even by plane if you want to cut your journey time.

From the Jurassic coast to the capital, the wonderful sites of the lakes in the north to the rich culture in Scotland or Wales, our very own island has plenty to offer. You should certainly take advantage of what’s at your doorstep!

All Inclusive

If there’s a specific country that you would like to visit, then we recommend you find and book an all-inclusive resort to stay in. Similar to the convenience of a cruise, this covers all the essentials for your trip (including food and drinks, accommodation, activities and entertainment) in the price you pay to stay there.

They act as the perfect way to recharge and relax with everything you need in one place, yet you’re still able to go out and explore the local area as and when you wish. Many resorts will also cater specially for different accessibility and dietary requirements, making them ideal for seniors.

Mobility Equipment Suppliers in Bromsgrove

Just as accessibility is important to you on holiday, it should be just as important to you in the home. That’s why you should consider stairlift rental if you’re finding it trickier to go up and down your stairs without pain, yet don’t want to lose your independence.

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