Signs You Need to Install a Stairlift

You may already know that it could be a good decision to purchase and install a stairlift, but when is it actually time? Many people worry about getting it too early, because they don’t want to feel old or don’t wish to use an aid that makes them feel weak. However, a stairlift actually empowers you because you can once more use the stairs with ease and make more than one trip a day up to the second floor.

How do you know it’s time to start looking at stairlifts? Here are a few signs that it is time. 

You’re Thinking of Moving

Does the house you’re in now feel difficult to move around in? Many people end up moving out of a home they love because it no longer fits their needs. With a stairlift, you eliminate the stress about the stairs, but there are other ways to make your home more accessible.

You Have Elderly Parents Moving In

The stairlift may not even be for you, but for someone else who needs a little extra help in their life. Adding a stairlift will eliminate a burden on you and make them feel more independent. Caring for one’s parents can be fulfilling, but you also need to balance their needs with your own need to care for them.

You Avoid Taking the Stairs

Are you avoiding stairs? Whether it’s because they hurt for you to climb or because you’re unsteady, this is a good sign that you need a stairlift installed as soon as possible.

If you’re afraid that you might fall when you move up the stairs, you are not alone and should know that many people with more limited mobility have the same fear. It’s a legitimate worry and one that can be relieved by using an aid like a stairlift.

Your Doctor Tells You to Take Care

When your doctor is worried about you taking the stairs, it’s time to consider the alternatives. Your practitioner will understand when you need to enlist a bit of extra help and if they suggest you avoid stairs, you should. However, you have the ability to add on a stairlift that will make using the stairs easy and safe.

Installing a stairlift could well be the best decision of your life. Once you’re able to glide up and down those stairs, pain free, it will all be worth it.

If any of these signs sounds familiar, you are ready to talk to Alfix. We’re ready to offer you a quote on your project and help you feel more at home in your own home.