Simple Tips For Preventing Falls in the Home

Falling as you get older is unfortunately more likely to happen. The same can be said if you have mobility issues. Although most falls don’t trigger any major injuries they can leave us feeling very distressed. The great thing is there are plenty of things you can do to stay steady on your feet when at home and here we list a few of them.

What can I do to prevent falling?

Various conditions, medication and footwear can impact your ability to ensure that you are steady on your feet. You may not realise your health is changing as changes can happen very subtly, so it’s crucial to have frequent checkups so that any issues can be picked up before they get worse.

Keep as mobile as you can

As we age, our muscle strength and balance reduces, this can in turn, lead to falls. Gentle exercise such as pilates or Tai chi is designed to improve muscle strength can reduce your risk of a fall by improving your posture, coordination as well as balance.

Get your vision checked out

Slips, trips and falls are usually linked to bad vision. If you are unable to properly see what’s in your eyeline, there’s a good chance you may trip over. Ensure your eyesight is checked often by a professional to make sure that your vision is the best it can possibly be. If you require glasses, make sure you wear them, even at home.

Install a stairlift

The stairs can be dangerous territory for lots of people and it’s not uncommon for older people to struggle using them. Installing a stairlift in your home can help deter falls, slips and trips on the stairs and permit you to move safely and independently between the floors in your property.

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