Spring Cleaning: Tips for Keeping Your Home in Order as a Senior

As you age, certain tasks become more difficult as your general mobility may start to decline, yet that doesn’t stop these tasks from needing completing. Cleaning is just one of those examples. As we’re finally leaving the winter months behind, it’s the perfect time for a spring clean.

If you’re concerned about keeping your home in order, then keep reading on as we offer some advice on how to do so safely and with consideration for your mobility and access needs.

Prioritise Decluttering

One thing that often takes up the most cleaning time isn’t actually any cleaning at all, but simply decluttering so that cleaning can then commence. In order to make life easier for yourself and ensure cleaning remains as manageable as possible, prioritise decluttering in your daily routine.

Remembering to put things away after use, wipe down surfaces after cleaning and doing a quick sweep of any hard floors can help to significantly reduce the need for more thorough cleaning. Remember – it’s much easier to maintain a tidy home than clean a messy one!

Use a Lightweight, Cordless Vacuum Cleaner

Vacuum cleaners are great for cleaning all kinds of areas, including the floors, skirting boards and even wall corners and furniture. Thanks to modern technology, there are many lightweight handheld vacuum cleaners that are ideal for older citizens, allowing you to clean your home without minimal struggle and less physical strain on your body.

A lot of vacuum cleaners also come cordless nowadays, meaning you don’t have to worry about potentially tripping over a cord whilst you’re cleaning.

Store Supplies in a Rolling Cart

Cleaning each room in your home can be a long and laborious task – especially if you store all of your cleaning supplies in the cupboard, requiring you to walk back and forth in order to move the supplies from room to room.

An alternative? Make them mobile! By storing all your supplies on a rolling cart, you can take this around with you as you clean each room, ensuring you have everything you need without having to constantly go back and forth to your supply cupboard.

Ask for Help

Lastly, don’t be afraid to ask for help. Cleaning is a labour-intensive task, one that can be much more difficult than it used to be now you’re older. As such, there’s no shame in getting help for those tasks that are just too difficult or dangerous for you to do anymore.

For example, if you require a stairlift to get up and down your stairs due to joint pain and mobility issues, then it’s a much easier and safer solution to employ someone to carry out certain cleaning tasks for you, such as sweeping/vacuuming the stairs or cleaning the toilet and bathroom.

Perhaps it’s a lifetime of cleaning that has led to your joint pain and issues. If that’s the case, then you may benefit from a stairlift installation if you’re yet to have one. Here at Alfix, we can find the ideal solution for you; offering a range of stairlift services in Banbury and beyond, get in touch with us today to discuss your requirements.