Stairlift Consultancy: The Benefits

When deciding to invest in a stairlift for your home, you may be surprised to hear that there are a number of considerations to take into account, as different designs are suitable for different staircases. With narrow halls, curved or spiral staircases and stairways with landings all requiring alternative solutions, it makes perfect sense to seek professional advice before settling on an option. Alfix are well-equipped to provide a bespoke stairlift option for you, with all curved mobility solutions custom-made to fit requested needs. Aside from the structure of the tracks, you might be interested in additional safety features, foldable seats, or even deciding the design and colour of the chair itself.

Stairlift consultancy can help to clarify all of this, so continue reading for further details on how to book an individual consultation, and how this can help you with important decisions for you or your loved one.

Making Home Life Easier

A stairlift is the perfect home addition for someone who is struggling with general mobility, either as a result of old age, a medical condition, or temporary injury. Anyone using the stairlift will be able to easily ascend and descend a set of stairs thanks to the remote-controlled functionality, meaning that all the owner needs to do is remain seated as their device moves up or down a set of stairs at their control. Foldable options mean that the chair won’t need to become an obstruction for those navigating up and down the stairs by foot either.

Assessing Your Needs

After booking a free stairlift consultation with the friendly Alfix team, we will endeavour to find out your needs and wants, as well as your reasons for acquiring a mobility device. With no obligation to purchase following a consultation appointment, we leave the choice in your hands, and can organise the perfect curved stairlift solution for the design of your property if you do decide to follow up the initial interest.

Which Stairlift Is Right For Me?

Our consultants will decide which used or new stairlifts are right for you based on a number of factors, and following an initial conversation to discuss preferences, we can take the time to view the location of your staircase alongside any adjustments which will need to be made. Desired extras for your lift may include specially reinforced seating, swivel chairs for safe exit, or folding design for tricky narrow hallways. We can even offer consultation for those interested in temporary stairlift hire.

Effortlessly moving around your property has never been easier with assistance from Alfix.Over 20 years of industry experience places us among the most trustworthy stairlift providers, and we can design and install a unique stairlift to cater for your home. Whether you require a curved stairlift for a complex staircase, or new stairlifts which are straight, our Leamington Spa location makes us the perfect option for stairway mobility aids in Warwickshire and surrounding areas. Any questions? Simply contact us today on 01926 334848.