Stairlifts: A Cost-Effective Alternative to Home Renovations

Are you thinking about installing a stairlift into your home? We are here to give you a guide, and the essential tips you need to know!

Reasons For A Stairlift

Many people who decide to install a stairlift regret not doing so sooner! If you are struggling with:

  • Mobility problems
  • Back pain
  • Sciatica
  • Weakened Muscles & Joints

As our bodies age, our muscles and bones weaken over time, making daily tasks more challenging, such as getting up the stairs. Having easy access to the stairs and being able to move up and down them easily is extremely important to some older people and a stair lift is the perfect solution! 

Stairlift vs. Home Renovation

You might be debating between a stairlift and a home renovation to make life a bit easier. We are here to give you a breakdown of both options:


  • Safe – Although there is a slight risk of falling, stairlifts are generally extremely safe, and much safer than trying to tackle the stairs on your own if you are struggling.
  • Reliable – Stairlifts are extremely reliable and safe overall. If you have any problems with your stairlift, you can call your supplier and they should be able to make a repair.
  • Bigger upfront costs – The upfront cost of a stairlift might be daunting, but they can end up being a worthwhile investment in the long run.
  • Not many good alternatives – Although a home renovation is an alternative to a stairlift, there are few other options that will help you as much as a stairlift can.

Home renovation

  • Expensive overall – Having a renovation can be expensive throughout the process, and end up being even more expensive than a stairlift installation.
  • Slower process – The process of having a renovation done is much slower and more time consuming than having a stairlift installation.
  • Eliminates the risk of falling – While a stairlift is a great choice, you do still have the slight risk of falling when it comes to the stairs. With a home renovation, you eliminate the risk of a fall and have everything more accessible to you.
  • More planning efforts – Planning a home renovation can take up more time and energy than opting for a stair lift installation.

Alfix Stairlifts

Whether you are looking for a curved stairlift in Oxford, a stairlift rental in Worcestershire or a straight stairlift in Coventry, we are here to help. With 30 locations, we can supply and fit your stairlift no matter where you are!

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