Staying Safe During The Icy Weather Conditions This Winter

As pretty as the snow and ice can be, it can also pose a range of inconveniences to us when we’re going outside. Our blog focuses on keeping your loved ones safe this year in the iciest conditions. To find our tips on staying safe in the snow or ice this winter, keep reading below!

How To Keep Your Elderly Loved One Safe This Winter

These are some of our best tips for keeping your loved ones safe and sound this winter.

Keeping Warm At Home

Although our energy bills have been increasing, it’s not a reason to go cold this winter. Keeping your home warm with your central heating and staying warm with hot water bottles, thermal layers and blankets is the best way to stay toasty without breaking the bank too.

Eating Hot Meals

It may sound insignificant, but eating hearty, hot meals throughout the winter is one of the best ways to keep warm and cosy. Home cooked meals, and warming dishes like soups, will help your body stay warm while still getting the nutrients and calories it needs.

Avoid Slips & Falls

If it’s super icy outside, it’s best to avoid going out at all, unless you absolutely have to. If your driveway or outdoor area is particularly icy, you can use boiled kettle water to melt it away and use salt on the ground to help melt the ice.

Proper Outdoor Wear

It’s unlikely that you’ll be able to avoid going outside all winter, so when you do venture out into the ice, it’s important to have proper outdoor wear. This includes thermal socks, trousers, proper walking shoes and a proper coat that keeps you warm!

Going For Walks

If you want to get out of your house, walk to the shop or take a casual stroll in the crisp air, it is generally best that you take someone with you. The risk of slipping and falling without somebody else there can be extremely serious.


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