Summer Safety Tips for Elderly and Disabled People

We’ve made a list of some summer safety tips so that you can enjoy this gloriously sunny weather and still stay as safe and healthy at the same time.

Look out for signs of heat-related illnesses

Continued exposure to the sun can cause a number of heat-related illnesses, each of which has different degrees of severity. It is crucial to discover how to notice the signs of heat-related illness. Always consider immediate action is to rehydrate and move to a cooler place as soon as you feel yourself experiencing any of the symptoms listed below.

 Be aware of dehydration

This is the stage when your body is losing more fluid than is being replenished from excess sweating, vomiting or diarrhoea. Symptoms often include tiredness, dry mouth, thirst, dizziness or dark and odorous urine. Rehydration sachets can be used to replace lost minerals if you are vomiting or have diarrhoea.

Consider heat exhaustion

This is a milder heat-related illness which often improves once the body cools.

Symptoms for this often include dizziness, sweating, nausea, rapid pulse, tiredness, fast breathing and muscle cramps.

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