Surprising Stairlift Facts!

The stairlift is a common piece of machinery used on a daily basis by many, many people! However, its easy to bypass these wonderful pieces of machinery which are an all too common sight in our day to day lives. However, stairlifts are really rather exceptional inventions and we have a few surprising facts for you about them. Lets get started!

Stairlifts are very efficient

Stairlifts may seem like power intensive machines, however, they are incredibly efficient. They are often compared to many household items because of the frequency they are used. Stairlifts are only use power when it’s in use, not constantly in a “standby” as such. The majority of models of stairlifts are incredibly affordable to run.

Stairlifts are built for endurance

Stairlifts are created to last many, many years, if not decades. With a good level of maintenance as well as servicing, stairlifts can continue to run for the foreseeable. Stairlifts are often very low stress in terms of the moving parts. Stairlifts often last until they aren’t required anymore which goes to show the longevity of the design of the machine. A quality stairlift from a professional manufacturer will last plenty of years to come.

Stairlifts are powered in lots of different ways

Some might think that in the event of a power cut, a person using a stairlift could be stranded in the middle of a staircase. You’d be correct in thinking that many are concerned about this possibility. However,  it’s not a problem! Stairlifts are powered by the mains but the motor and chair itself are powered through a battery. In the majority, if not all stairlifts there is a charging contact at the top & bottom of the track so that no matter where the lift is based, it will be able to complete it’s journey regardless of the mains power.

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