The Most Common Myths and Misconceptions About Stairlifts

A stairlift can drastically enhance the quality of life of someone suffering from mobility issues and allow them to put more time and energy into the activities they love.

While stairlifts can offer limitless benefits for those who need them, there are several myths and misconceptions which often put people off from getting them.

In this blog, we will debunk the most common myths and misconceptions about stairlifts.

A stairlift takes up the entire staircase

Many films and television series have fuelled this misconception that stairlifts take up the entire staircase, which is simply not true.

After a stairlift installation, there will still be room for others to use the stairs by foot if needed, so you can have a stairlift installed in a family of those who have mobility issues and those who do not.

The chair’s arms, seat and footrest can be folded out of the way at the top and bottom landing of the staircase, thus creating room for foot traffic on the stairs.

Only elderly people use stairlifts

While a lot of people that use stairlifts are elderly, not all stairlift users are. Stairlifts can be extremely helpful for anyone suffering a significant injury or mobility loss that makes it difficult for them to walk up and down the stairs.

For example, if someone injures a knee or foot in an accident or sport, he/she may be unable to use the stairs for the next few months.

A stairlift means giving up your independence

Some people are hesitant to get a stairlift because they think that it is giving up their independence. However, the truth is actually the exact opposite. Getting a stairlift will restore independence if the stairs are becoming unsafe for you to manage.

Yes, you will no longer be walking up and down the stairs, but that is perfectly okay if the stairs have become too difficult to climb. It can be very dangerous to continue trying to climb the stairs when mobility is limited so a stairlift is the ultimate solution.

Some people worry that they will be missing out on valuable exercise by installing a stairlift, however, there are lots of other ways to exercise that are much safer, such as walking on a path at a local park on a treadmill at a nearby gym.

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Now that we have debunked some of the most common misconceptions about stairlifts, you might be feeling more positive about installing a stairlift to aid your mobility or injury issues.

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