Three Benefits of Curved Stairlifts

It is a difficult truth to face, but our mobility can start to suffer as we get older. This makes the task of walking up and down the stairs extremely difficult, and that’s where a stairlift company can help. The last thing you want is to be restricted in accessing the upstairs part of your home and you certainly don’t want to injure yourself in the process. In this case, having a domestic stairlift enable those who suffer with mobility issues to easily access all areas of the home. One of the main types of stairlifts is the curved stairlift, which can be characterised by its ability to bend around corners.

But what are the benefits of curved stairlifts? Find out from the experts at Alfix Stairlifts!

Tailored to Your Home

It won’t come as any surprise that each staircase is unique and different. Not every staircase has the same shape or rising gradient, which means that you’ll need a stairlift that is most appropriate for your home. For instance, some stairs are curved and have obscure shapes meaning that a curved stairlift would be required. Curved stairlifts are particularly effective because they can be designed and installed to complement and match your home’s structure.

Reclaim Independence

One of the main frustrations that comes with losing your mobility is your dependence on other people, as you might have to start using other people’s assistance to actually climb your own stairs. Curved stairlifts allow you to claim back your independence so you can access other parts of your home without having to use the assistance of anybody else. Considering that stairlifts literally sit at the bottom of your staircase this allows users to easily sit down, put the seatbelt on and then use the button control to move up and down the fitted rail system. Not only that, but the ability to move around on your own also contributes significantly to both mental and physical health.

Safety First

No matter how good your mobility is, you should always be careful when walking up and down stairs. There is always the risk of trips and falls with stairlifts, and the possibility of this happening is increased even more when you don’t have much control over your mobility. Opting to invest in a domestic stair lift guarantees safety because of the safety belts that are attached.

If you’re after a stairlift company that provides both straight and curved stairlifts, then look no further than Alfix Stairlifts! We’re a company that has over twenty years of experience in supplying customers with domestic stair lifts. We know how important it is for you to feel safe and secure when travelling to other parts of your home, that’s why we install stairlifts that you can rely and depend on. To find out more about the services we offer, then visit our website to get in touch with our team today!