Three Exercises to Help Improve Mobility

Mobility issues are one of the most common disabilities in the UK and around 53% of all disabled people have problems with their mobility. This could be due to old age, a chronic health condition or a temporary injury, but whatever the cause, it can make day to day life more difficult.

Mobility problems can increase the risk of falls or injury, so it’s important to stay as strong and flexible as possible. If you want to improve your balance, fitness and overall mobility, see below for just three exercises that can help.

Single leg stands

This exercise is highly effective for improving balance and building strength in the thighs. Hold onto the back of a chair for stability and stand on one leg with the knee slightly bent. Hold the position for a minute (or however long is comfortable) and take your hands off the chair as balance improves.

Wall push ups

Upper body strength is also important to help improve overall fitness. Place hands against the wall (slightly wider than shoulder length) with your feet two to three feet away. Keep your back straight and bend at the elbows until your nose almost touches the wall. Push back into the starting position and repeat 10 times for four sets.

Ankle flexion

It’s very common for our ankles to get weaker as we get older and this can make mobility issues worse. Strengthening your ankles is great for improving balance and overall mobility, especially if you’re worried about falls. In a seated position, place one foot out as far as you can and rest it with the heel on the floor. Maintain this position and point the toe as far forward as possible, then point it back toward the ceiling. Repeat 20-30 times with each ankle.

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