Three Signs You Need a New Stairlift

If you suffer from mobility issues, a stairlift can greatly improve your quality of life. Stairlifts allow you to move between floors safely and comfortably and many people rely on this equipment to stay independent. Stairlifts are built to withstand frequent use but there may come a time when your stairlift is not functioning as it should. It’s important to spot the warning signs early on so that you can arrange repairs or a replacement, so see below for three signs that you need a new stairlift.

Frequent stops

Does your stairlift stop frequently when moving up and down the stairs? This can be inconvenient at best and dangerous at worst, so it’s always worth getting it checked out. If your lift has become slow, struggles to move up the stairs, or stops and starts each time, this is an indication that the internal batteries need replacing.

A technician will be able to take a look and replace the battery if necessary, or it might be easier for you to install a brand new lift instead.

Obvious signs of damage

If any part of your stairlift is cracked, broken or damaged, it shouldn’t be ignored, even if the lift is still functioning. Broken seat springs or a cracked armrest can be dangerous and put the stairlift user at risk. It should be easy to fix any minor wear and tear but if there’s serious damage, it’s time to look for a new model.

A scraping sound

A scraping sound is never a good sign and it’s something that shouldn’t be ignored. A scraping noise is usually due to worn rollers or internal parts that are out of alignment and more damage can occur if it’s left unattended. Call an experienced technician to take a look; they’ll be able to identify the issue and suggest whether you need a new stairlift.

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