Three Signs Your Loved One Needs a Stairlift

As we grow older, we become less mobile. Whether the stairs become more difficult to climb or getting in and out of bed isn’t as easy as it used to be, mobility issues can affect our everyday lives in different ways.

For some people, deciding whether or not to install a stairlift can be a difficult decision. For many, installing a stairlift can lead them to feel like they’re giving up their independence; for others, it’s a welcomed helping hand.

Here’s three signs that your loved one needs a stairlift.

They find it difficult to climb the stairs

If you’ve noticed that your loved one is finding it more and more difficult to climb the stairs, it may be time for a stairlift installation. Whether they can’t quite get down the stairs in time to reach a ringing phone or it’s become painful to move between floors in their home, a stairlift can be a huge help. Stairlifts make it easy to get up and down the stairs and can actually help family members reclaim their independence, as they don’t need to rely on other people to help them.

They’re get dizzy after using the stairs

Does your loved one get breathless or dizzy after using the stairs? Climbing the stairs should not affect the health of your loved one; if it does, then it’s likely time to think about a stairlift installation. A stairlift will take your loved one up and down the stairs on a comfortable and safe seat, allowing them to save their energy for other everyday tasks.

They struggle to find their strength

Extra handrails help people to maintain their balance when going up the stairs and provide extra support. However, some people need more than this. If you’ve noticed that your loved one is struggling to find their strength when climbing up and down the stairs, a stairlift can help to provide some extra support and make climbing the stairs easier.

If your loved one needs a stairlift, the experienced team at Alfix can help. Based in Leamington Spa and serving the surrounding areas, we’re committed to providing bespoke stairlift solutions for our customers. Visit our website to find out more.