Time for Tech: The Benefits of Becoming IT Savvy for Elders

Many older people and even other adults look down on the younger generation as being too tech-involved, complaining that they use their phone too much whilst not getting out and socialising enough. Whilst it’s true that constant exposure to digital devices can be harmful to your eyes (and posture – no one wants ‘tech neck’!), there’s actually a plethora of benefits it can offer – especially for elderly people.

Read on below as we discuss some of the benefits that becoming IT savvy can offer to elderly people.

The Benefits of Learning IT in Your Later Years

Staying Connected

Growing old can be a lonely experience, especially if you’ve lost a lifelong partner and live alone. Though your family may visit you when they can, they still have their lives to lead and may be too busy to visit as often as they, or you, may like.

Thanks to technology, however, you have the opportunity to stay connected with them and be in contact more often. For example, you could use video calling applications such as WhatsApp or Skype to catch up with them whilst seeing their faces, which feels much more personal than simply calling on the phone.

This is an especially great way to stay connected with younger family members, such as grandchildren, as well as like-minded friends of yours who may also be online!

Learning New Skills

Being able to use a mobile device, tablet or laptop/computer is a great way for you to have access to the resources you may need to learn a new skill or stimulate your brain function. There are all sorts of games, puzzles, crosswords and more available online that can help to support your memory and cognitive skills.

In addition to this, you may choose to challenge yourself further and finally learn that new language you’ve always wanted to learn with the help of apps such as Duolingo, or brush up your crochet skills with the help of online tutorials.

Access to News, Knowledge & Entertainment

Not only does technology offer you the opportunity to stay connected with loved ones, but it allows you to stay connected with the outside world, also.

Whether you’re wanting to stay up to date with the latest news, explore a subject that you’re interested in on Google or entertain yourself with videos on YouTube or films on a streaming platform, the opportunities at your fingertips are endless thanks to technology.

IT Opportunities in Gloucester

Are you interested in becoming tech-savvy, but need a helping hand to get you started? If you live in Gloucester, then you’ll be glad to know that Age UK offers an IT support group, run by their Digital Champions volunteers. Click on the link to learn more.

Once you’re online, why not join the Gloucestershire Springboard Facebook Group? This is a great way to socialise with other older people in your local area.

Alfix Mobility Aid Services in Gloucester

There is no shame in needing that little bit of extra help when you enter your twilight years, whether that be help learning how to navigate a laptop and social media, or help with your mobility. Allow yourself to live your life comfortably – you’ve earned it!

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