Tips On Keeping Cool While Elderly

Spring has finally sprung and this means it will steadily be getting hotter and hotter over the next few months. While it is hard for anyone to cope in hot temperatures, it can be even harder for the elderly, as when we age our bodies start reacting differently to hot weather. The effects of high temperatures are increased, and can lead to a range of health issues.

Here at Alfix, we have put together this guide to keeping cool while elderly.


Make sure you’re staying as hydrated as possible during the summer, which will keep you cool. Drink plenty of water and other cool drinks, and you can even stay hydrated with food that has high water content like cucumbers.

You can also use water to keep cool through splashing yourself with cold water, or having cold baths/showers instead of hot ones.

Dress For The Season

When it is hot, you need to dress appropriately to ensure you keep cool. Try to wear loose and lightweight clothing when possible, especially in light colours. Try to avoid tight fitting clothes, and keep the number of layers you are wearing to a minimum if possible.

You can also protect yourself from the sun by wearing a hat when you’re outside. And remember, if you’re exposing skin to the sun that you should apply plenty of sun cream.

Keep Your Home Cool

While it can seem nice to let the sunshine in during the summer, you can keep your house cooler by keeping your blinds down. And while it might seem tempting to open windows and doors, you should try to avoid this until the evening. This will keep the hot air out and only let fresh air in once it’s cooled.

Try To Reduce Movement

Doing too much activity can make you overheat easily, especially when you are elderly. If you are trying to keep cool as best as possible, reducing excessive movement is a key way of doing this.

One great way of doing this is to utilise a stairlift in your home. Going up and down the stairs can be a lot of effort as you grow old, which can lead you to overheating easily. Keep cool on a stairlift and save the sweat.

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Stay cool in the summer by taking the weight off your feet and utilising a stairlift to traverse your house. Here at Alfix, we are able to supply and install new stairlifts in Leicester and around the UK.

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