Top Tips For Going on an Accessible Holiday

We all hold fond memories of holidays abroad or by the coast, spending time with friends and family and getting some much-needed relaxation. Nobody should be held back from enjoying a vacation because of a disability. That’s why many companies are available to help you plan your dream adventure.

If you want to go on an accessible holiday, here are our top tips.

Choose your destination

When it comes to picking your dream vacation, there are a few things you’ll need to consider. For example, some places may be packed with cobblestone streets, tight alleyways and lots of stairs. Unfortunately, for wheelchair users, this will make it much harder to navigate. Do some online research to find where other people have enjoyed visiting and which places will be best suited to you. You can also research what kind of activities you would like to do and find out how to get to them.

Book your hotel

Finding the right hotel is also an important task. You’ll need to find out if they can accommodate any requests you have and whether or not they fit your wants and needs. If you would like a ground floor room or a hotel that is close to the city centre, you’ll need to consider this when booking. Speak to the hotel staff and make sure to get written confirmation of your requests so that check-in is much simpler.

Get travel insurance

Travel insurance is important for everybody as you never know what may happen. Cancelled flights, stolen items and injury are things we’d all like to avoid, but if you have the right travel insurance you’ll feel much more at ease if something goes wrong.

Check medications with the airport

When flying, all medications will need to be checked at security. Check with your arrival and departure airports about your dosage and how they should be presented. Sometimes you may also require a letter from your GP.

Plan ahead

Flying can be stressful for anyone, but particularly if you have accessibility requirements. Make sure to plan ahead before your flight, get there early and inform your airline of your needs. In most airports, you will receive assistance to and from the terminal, disability parking, reserved seating and accessible toilets.

Plan for the unexpected

No matter how much we prepare, sometimes things just don’t go to plan. If you can, have a plan B just in case. For example, if you need to change accommodation or plan different activities. As long as you have insurance and you’ve planned well, your holiday should go off without a fault – but it’s always better to be prepared.

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