Top Tips For Matching A Stairlift To Your Home Decor

Your domestic abode can be styled to reflect your own personal tastes, where your choice of fabrics, appliances and soft furnishings can represent an entirely unique approach to interior design. Whether you prefer sleek chrome accents or maximalist florals, each design choice you make can be a way of expressing your personality.

This can apply even to your mobility equipment, where stair lifts can be selected and decorated to match your existing home decor. You can achieve this with a careful choice of colour tones and fabrics, where you can decide whether you want to make your stairlift a subtle addition or an eye-catching design feature.

Read on for our top tips on how you can match your stairlift to your unique home decor.

A Good Fit

One of the best ways to ensure that your stairlift looks like it belongs is to make sure it fits your staircase. Consider a made to measure or bespoke installation if your stairs are an atypical shape, where you can also choose a stairlift that is especially designed for a curved staircase.

Match The Upholstery

You may also have the opportunity to match your stairlift to your surrounding upholstery, whether you wish to complement your furniture, curtains or carpets. Try to choose a stairlift with the colour tones and fabric finish that best suits your existing decor to achieve a seamless fit.

Eye Catching Rails

Some stairlift companies will also give you the opportunity to customise your stairlift rails and supports. If these are made of metal, then you may be able to choose from various chrome accents in order to fashion an attractive centrepiece out of your stairlift. These colour tones can also be selected to complement your existing furniture.

Complement Your Staircase

It is important to choose a stairlift design that matches the style of your staircase. If your home features a sleek, modern staircase then a lift with a similar style would be the best fit. Alternatively, dark wood bannisters or intricate staircase designs would work well with a similarly classic, dark toned mobility installation.

Alfix: Leading Stairlift Manufacturers In Banbury

At Alfix, we can supply you with a stylish stairlift in the Banbury area, where we can suggest the best installation to match your current interior. We also offer a range of curved stairlift options, so you can find the ideal model for your home.

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