Top Tips to Reduce the Risk of Accidents in Older People

For those over 65, your likelihood of experiencing falls and other accidents increases. These accidents can cause serious injuries, so it’s important to do everything you can to minimise this happening. There are several things you can do to reduce the risk of accidents in older people, so if you have an elderly friend or relative you’d like to help, read on to discover our top tips.

Keep your relative active

It’s important to stay as physically healthy as possible throughout the process of ageing. You should continue to encourage your elderly relatives to engage in exercise; staying fit in old age contributes to body and emotional wellbeing. Even low-intensity walking can make a huge difference – it’s advisable to get outside exercise for 30 minutes everyday.

Remove hazards at home

It’s a good idea to do a sweep of your elderly friend or relative’s home and remove all fall and trip hazards. Remember that rugs, excess carpet, obstacles, clutter and electrical wires can all pose a threat. Do not forget the bathroom is where most accidents happen, so try to fix all slippery surfaces. You could also install safety rails for support in the bathtub and shower.

Select appropriate footwear

Choosing the right footwear for your older relative is important. You must avoid uncomfortable, unfit and slippery soles. Instead, opt for non-slip shoes. These have soft rubber soles that stick to the floor’s surface, ensuring safety, especially on wet or slippery flooring.

Invest in emergency phone systems

Your loved one will need an emergency phone especially when alone in the house. It will allow them to seek medical assistance in case of a fall accident or unforeseen emergencies. Remember that older people can still enjoy living on their own while having a phone to call a relative, friend or caregiver. Additionally, it gives peace of mind to your next of kin. It means that they will remain safe while family members attend to their everyday routine and responsibilities.

Schedule regular GP appointments

You should encourage your elderly friend or family member to visit their GP regularly. Getting regular check-ups means a doctor can spot if something’s going on that might increase the likelihood of trips and falls. It’s important to monitor the dosage of prescription medicines and stop taking those which may cause negative or harmful effects. After all, most elderly adults take medications for hypertension, heart ailments and pain. These often lead to side effects like hazy vision, dizziness, etc. which causes falls. Therefore, only a medical professional can stop the medication or reduce the dosage. At the same time, frequent visits to the doctor will also guarantee that you obey all clinical protocols and maintain a healthy weight.

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