Useful Technology for Seniors Who Are Living Alone

As we age, the process of no longer being able to live independently can be daunting and upsetting. However, the right technology can make a world of difference to seniors who want to continue living alone. With such a range of gadgets out there on the market today, there are devices suitable for each individual and their needs – perhaps you require something for you or a loved one who isn’t as mobile as they once were, have some sight or hearing loss or simply to help with everyday living.  

While this is all well and good, many older people can find embracing new technology a challenge, or feel reluctant to use something they aren’t used to. So, in this blog, we’ll take a look at some senior-friendly devices which are perfect for elderly people living alone in the UK.  

Technology for Seniors with Visual Impairment 

Many older people start to experience a deterioration in their eyesight at some stage. For many, simply wearing glasses or contact lenses can be a great help, but some older adults find that reading or close visual tasks are much more difficult and can strain their eyes. There are several different types of technology that can help with this problem, including: 

  • Screen reader software for smartphones, tablets and and computers that will read the text on a page out loud.  
  • Visual magnifiers built into devices, or using smartphones as a digital magnifier for text on paper.  
  • Smart assistants that can audibly answer questions.  

Technology for Seniors with Hearing Loss  

Another common age-related issue that many people experience is some level of hearing loss in later life. Being hard of hearing can affect many areas of life, but there are some ways that technology can assist. These include:  

  • A monitored smoke alarm system at home that raises an alert with the response team in the event of a fire.  
  • A smart system that flashes a light if someone rings the doorbell in case they can’t hear it.  
  • Speech-to-text (STT) apps for smartphones. 

Technology for Seniors with Mobility Issues 

It’s common for older people to experience a reduction in their mobility on some level. While some might be able to manage just fine with the assistance of grab bars, railing and assistive aids like zimmer frames, others might benefit from technology such as: 

  • A stairlift  
  • A bath lift or walk-in shower 
  • An adjustable bed 
  • A riser recliner chair  

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