Viva St. Valentine: Tips for Finding Romance in Retirement

Retirement can be a lonely experience, especially if you haven’t got a companion to share it with. Whether you’re divorced, widowed or simply haven’t found the right person yet, just because you’re in your senior years doesn’t mean you can’t find romance – if anything, now is the perfect time to find that special someone to share your stairlift with! (Metaphorically, that is – please only use your stairlift one person at a time!)

If you’re looking to dabble in the dating scene, but are hesitant on how to get started, then read on as we offer our top tips.

Consider the Type of Relationship You Want

Before putting yourself out there and looking for romance, it’s important to establish what you want from your love life. Are you looking for marriage, an intimate companion or simply looking to find a connection and see where it takes you?

Deciding your needs and wants allows you to set out your expectations and find someone who shares these with you. Not only will this stop you from feeling like you’re wasting your own time if you otherwise don’t seem to be finding what you’re after, but it also stops you from wasting the time of the people you meet if your expectations don’t match up.

Don’t be Afraid to Put Yourself Out There

No matter your age, dating can be a daunting experience. However, to get the most reward out of dating, it’s important to put yourself out there. Consider the ways in which you can meet new people; this could be through exploring your hobbies and interests (such as joining a local club), volunteering, attending local social gatherings or even by setting up an online dating profile.

If you do choose to explore the latter, then you can always ask a younger or tech-savvy friend or family member to help you set up your profile. Always remember to practise online safety, and if you do plan on meeting up with someone you met online to always meet them in a public place for the first time and tell someone where you’ll be – erring on the side of caution is advisable at any age!

Communicate Clearly

When you meet someone that you’ve sparked a connection with, remember to always communicate openly and honestly. Assuming that you’ve established your own expectations from a relationship, it’s best to share these with your potential partner so that you’re both on the same page and not sending any mixed messages.

Being forward about how you feel towards different aspects of dating can allow boundaries to be set and avoid uncomfortable conversations or scenarios later down the line.

Enjoy Yourself

Most importantly, have fun with it! Dating can be a refreshing and enjoyable experience during retirement. Whether you come out of it with a new friend or have found a lasting connection, let yourself enjoy the experience.

If you do find yourself a new beau, then one sure fire way to impress them when inviting them over for the first time is by showing off your home stairlift. Whether you’re after a new or reconditioned stairlift we’ve got you covered here at Alfix.

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