What Are The Costs Of Stairlift Installation?

There is a range of costs associated with stairlift installation. Curved stairlifts will typically be more complex and therefore be more costly to install with the cost increasing for each turn required in the installation. Straight stairlifts are much simpler to install and are therefore typically less expensive. Another factor that can impact the cost of installation is any complexity in navigating the area in which the stairlift is installed.

Read more below for information on some of the costs of stairlift installation.

Curved Stairlift

Stairlifts can be installed on a wide range of staircases with bespoke rails installed to allow the mobility aid to operate efficiently. To determine whether a stairlift can be a cost-effective mobility solution for your property booking a consultation is a useful first step. This will provide the opportunity to establish the best options for a stairlift for your property and give the chance to discuss options such as rental and reconditioned stairlifts.

Straight Stairlift

A straight stairlift will typically offer the most simple installation. One of the main concerns people have about stairlifts is how much space will be taken up by the installation. Modern stairlifts are designed to make the best use of space, operating efficiently and reliably whilst not getting in the way when not in use. Slimline stairlifts provide the most viable option for narrow staircases. A consultation appointment presents a good chance to discuss space requirements for a stairlift within your property.

Budget-Friendly Options

There is a range of options available to reduce the costs associated with purchasing and installing a stairlift. One of these options is choosing a reconditioned stairlift. A professionally reconditioned stairlift is a good choice for a reliable option by a reputable stairlift manufacturer at a lower price. Another option is to rent a stairlift rather than purchasing one outright. If you are still evaluating whether the installation of a stairlift can work for you this option can make sense. It is also a route that can be taken if a family member is staying providing a useful mobility aid cost-effectively.

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