What Are the Different Finance Options for Buying a Stairlift? 

As you reach your senior years, you will likely find that certain aspects of life become more difficult compared to what you were once used to. One way such difficulties may manifest themselves is through mobility issues. 

Arthritis, muscle weakness and other joint pains and general aches can make certain everyday activities not only much harder to carry out, but also incredibly painful. This, in turn, can take a toll on your confidence and independence. 

Thankfully, there are options to help overcome this – one being to install a home stairlift. If this sounds like an ideal solution for you, but you aren’t sure on available ways to go about buying one, then read on below as we discuss the finance options available. 

Purchase Outright 

If you’re looking to go through with a stairlift installation, then your first option is to simply pay for this outright. If this is something you’d consider, be prepared that stairlifts can be costly – the average price of a new stairlift is over £2,000. There is also the option to buy a reconditioned stairlift, although this could still be somewhat costly depending on where you buy it from (remember to only buy from reputable companies). 

The benefit of purchasing a stairlift in this way is that once you cover this cost, you won’t have to worry about any ongoing payments. You will also be the owner of your stairlift, so you won’t have to worry about renewing any rental contracts or arranging for it to be removed. 

Of course, this option isn’t feasible for everyone, which leads us onto the next option. 

Stairlift Rental 

For those who can’t afford to buy a stairlift outright or only require it for temporary use, then most stairlift providers, such as Alfix, offer rental options. These can be on either a short, medium or long term basis and will often involve an initial deposit (this tends to cover an initial rental period) followed by monthly payments. 

Whilst this is a more manageable option in terms of finances, it’s better suited as a temporary solution. As a long-term solution, this is unlikely to be cost effective, since you may end up paying more than the stairlift is actually worth. 

Stairlift Grants 

If you need a stairlift as a long-term solution and don’t want to risk paying more money over time than it’s worth through a rental agreement, but also can’t afford to purchase one outright, then you may be eligible for a stairlift grant. 

There are a number of sources that offer grants and funding towards the installation of a stairlift, including the government, charities and other organisations. This could allow you to get the stairlift you need with the help of some financial relief. 

Age UK offers more information on grants and funding if this is an avenue that would be particularly beneficial to you. 

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