What Does a Stairlift Consultation Involve?

If you’re thinking about having a stairlift installed or have a family member that could benefit from one, organising a consultation will help you to understand your options. It’s important not to rush your decision whether you’re deciding which model is best or whether you need a stairlift at all – and a consultation can help.

In this blog, we explain what to expect from a stairlift consultation.

Assessing your stairlift design

The most important part of a stairlift consultation is determining which kind of stairlifts are most appropriate for your home. For example, do you have a curved staircase that needs a particular stairlift design? You also need to consider how many stories your home is and which design is best suited. The team member will do this through during the at-home visit.

Understanding your requirements

During the consultation, the stairlift professional will get a better understanding of your requirements. Depending on your mobility level, you may have particular requirements in mind which you can discuss during the consultation. Installing a stairlift should be a personalised service and organising a consultation is the best way to find the right product and service for you.


Price is one area that can be discussed during your appointment. Not only will you have a better understanding of what products are within your budget, but you may be able to secure a discounted price when you speak directly with the team! Don’t be pressured into buying anything you aren’t comfortable with as the consultation is simply a way of figuring out the best option for your budget.

At Alfix in Warwickshire, we’re dedicated to helping our clients find the best solutions to their needs. Our consultation service is a free, no-obligation appointment so our team can understand your needs and recommend a stairlift that’s perfect for your home. With a range of options available and over 20 years of experience, get in touch with us today for more information.