Where Are The Top Five Places To Retire In England?

When it comes to later life, thinking about retirement can be a bit overwhelming. You might be ready for a slower, quieter village or town and making your relocation choice is quite a big one! We’ve outlined 5 of the best places to retire in the UK, in case you need a hand narrowing down your choices. To find out more about each location, keep on reading.


Number one on our list is Sussex. Sussex is a beautiful place tucked away on the east of England. With rolling hills and vast ranges of beautiful scenery, Sussex is a beautiful place to spend your retirement. You will have access to the coast, and you are only about 40 minutes away from other beautiful towns such as Cambridge. If you enjoy quaint, charming towns, Sussex could be the perfect place for you.


If you’ve always dreamed of retiring by the sea, Brighton offers a great quality of life right on the seafront. With pebbled beaches and perfect seaside scenery for long walks, Brighton offers diversity and a range of cafes to enjoy. Alongside the ocean air, Brighton has good transport links to London if you ever find yourself in the city, however it is one of the more expensive places to live in the UK.


Devon offers an excellent place for retirement, and is another coastal favourite! The endless countryside and beachfront make it a peaceful and appealing place to spend your retirement. There are plenty of leisure activities, offering a scenic yet tranquil place to live. Sandy beaches and the range of cliffs that make for great walking spots too. Torquay and Exeter are also great locations you should consider!

The Cotswolds

The Cotswolds offer a range of beautiful scenery and historic towns to visit on a Sunday afternoon. With many quaint villages and a peaceful atmosphere, The Cotswolds are a gem for retirement. Filled with English architecture and charming towns, this could be a great place to settle into retired life. Here at Aflix, we offer a range of the best stairlifts in Cheltenham and operate across many towns in the Cotswolds.


A little further up North, York offers a healthy blend of city and village life. It offers so much versatility and is one of the cheaper places to live in the UK. With beautiful historic streets and a noise free city, York is a wonderfully peaceful place to reside!


No matter where your retirement takes you, here at Alfix, we operate in a range of locations across the UK. From stair lift installation in Leicester to stair lift hire in Cheltenham, we are here to help you feel comfortable and safe at home.

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