Who Would Benefit From Installing a Stairlift?

Have you ever considered getting a stairlift? Many different people choose to have them installed in their homes for many different reasons to make getting around much easier. They are great for giving you a bit more confidence and independence when living on your own or with an illness.

Here are some of the people that would benefit from a stairlift:

Those suffering from chronic illnesses

There are a lot of chronic illnesses that can make getting up and down the stairs a challenge. These may include arthritis, osteoporosis, Parkinson’s, muscular dystrophy or sclerosis. These illnesses tend to cause mobility issues which can make using the stairs much more difficult. While some people may not want to leave their homes and downsize, stairlifts provide a solution for those who struggle to use the stairs.

Those who have suffered an injury

Many people may not consider a stairlift for short-term disabilities. However, you can rent a stairlift from many companies and have it installed in your home for a temporary period of time. This is helpful for people that may have had an accident that means they are unable to climb the stairs. For example, if you break your leg, you’ll need a method to get up and down the stairs safely while your leg is healing.

Those who are getting older

As we get older, we tend to use some of our strength and fitness and we are much more prone to trips and falls. A stairlift is a great option to give you more confidence as you get older. You may not feel like you need a stairlift just yet, but thinking about it for the future is a good idea and can help you better prepare for the later stages of life.

Those who live alone

When we live alone, we can often feel much more vulnerable. A stairlift provides a bit more support to help you live happily on your own. Using the stairs can cause anxiety if you feel unsteady or unstable, but a stairlift will help ensure you don’t lose any of your independence as you grow older. You can have a stairlift fitted on a range of staircases, so you can stay in your beloved home for much longer and enjoy your independence.

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