Why Has My Stairlift Stopped Working?

When you have a stairlift installed the last thing you want is to experience problems. However, like all technology, issues can occur and cause major issues if they aren’t sorted quickly. When you rely on the stairlift everyday maintenance is key.

In this blog, we explain some of the most common stairlift problems and how to solve them.

Is the stairlift charged?

Insufficient charge is one of the most common reasons for stairlift problems. Sometimes homeowners or carers unplug the stairlift when cleaning and forget to plug it back in so it isn’t able to charge. If your stairlift is continuously beeping this could also be a sign that it needs to be charged. Try plugging it back in, leaving it to charge and see if this resolves the problem.

Has the key switch moved?

If your stairlift has stopped working, it could be related to the switch key – this can usually be located on the stairlift arm or under the seat. The switch may have accidentally been turned ‘off’ which simply means turning it back on.

Has the seat been put back in the right position?

Most stairlifts have a foldable seat that can be put flat when not in use. However, if this hasn’t been put back in the right position an error code may appear which prevents the stairlift from moving. Try moving the seat back to the 90-degree position and ensuring that it’s locked in place as well as the armrest and footrest.

Is there anything trapped?

You should also keep the area surrounding the stairlift clear so items don’t become lodged and prevent it from working. If your stairlift is jittering, make sure nothing is trapped including your clothes or shoelaces.

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