Why is my Stairlift Beeping?

Stairlifts are fairly low maintenance and very easy to use which is why they’re a popular option for many homeowners. As long as you look after your stairlift you shouldn’t experience any major problems, however, beeping is one common problem that is easily resolved.

If your stairlift is beeping, here we look at the possible reasons why your stairlift is making a noise and simple ways for you to fix it.

Keep it charged

Often, persistent beeping is a sign that the battery is low or dead. When not in use, your stairlift should be returned to the charging station so it’s ready to go when you use it. Beeping sounds usually go off as a warning that the battery is low so it doesn’t completely cut out. Try charging it up and the noise should stop.

Check the charging point

Beeping may be an indication that your stairlift is not charging properly. Check the charging point for any signs of damage, loose wires or anything blocking the connection strip. You may need to clear any debris or items that are stuck around the charging point and preventing the stairlift from charging as it should. Has your power tripped? Is the charging station turned on? Eliminate these factors before trying anything else.

Organise a stairlift service

If you’ve tried several different things to stop the beeping it may be time to organise a service. Most suppliers will offer maintenance services to keep your product in good condition and running smoothly. There may be a simple fault that they can fix stop the beeping and get your stairlift working properly again – check your warranty too!

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