Why Should I Hire A Stairlift?

If you’re suffering from a lack of mobility and are finding the stairs at home difficult, a stairlift could be the ideal solution for your needs. However, when it comes to hiring or buying your stairlift, it can be difficult to know which is best for you. Here, we provide a guide to stairlift hire and how this may benefit you in both the long and short term.


Hiring a stairlift, specifically on a temporary basis, can work out more affordable than purchasing one outright. After all, stairlift installation won’t come cheap, and if you do indeed decide to purchase one outright, it will likely cost you upwards of £1000. Though hiring a stairlift will still require an initial installation fee, on average the monthly cost could be as reasonable as £50, which, in the event of a short-term hire, will work out much more cost-effective than a purchase. This is particularly beneficial for those recovering from surgery or an injury that will require the use of a stairlift in the short term.


Following on from the above point, hiring a stairlift is an ideal solution for those who may only require the additional mobility provided by a stairlift on a temporary basis. If you are in recovery from surgery and are expecting to have reduced mobility for around six months or so, as an example, hiring a stairlift will work out as a far more cost-effective solution than purchasing one outright. Hiring a stairlift from a company such as Alfix will ensure you have access to a stairlift whenever you need it, and, once you feel safe and comfortable doing so, you can simply contact your stairlift hire company and get it removed.


Hiring a stairlift will offer you unrivalled flexibility compared with an outright purchase, with all options and designs specifically tailored to your exact needs. Whether you need a straight stairlift or curved stairlift, hiring from Alfix will offer you the flexibility you demand. As an added incentive, if, for any reason, the stairlift you have chosen isn’t suitable, or needs updating, we can visit your property, remove the current system and carry out any necessary adjustments.


When hiring a stairlift from a trusted mobility company such as Alfix, you’ll still gain access to the same warranty as you would with a purchase. This will ensure you have genuine peace of mind during your stairlift hire, with any issues or repairs covered by your hire company of choice.


Hiring a stairlift company will provide you with the best possible installation for a reasonable cost. Unlike purchasing a stairlift, your installation will be carried out by your chosen stairlift hire company, relieving you of a difficult duty and offering peace of mind.

At Alfix Stairlifts our team is experienced in providing professional, efficient and cost-effective stairlift installation. As a stairlift company with coverage throughout Warwickshire, our wide range of options includes new stairlifts and reconditioned stairlifts. To discuss the options for stairlift installation, get in touch with our expert team today.