Why Stairlifts Are Not Just For The Elderly

When most people think of stairlifts, they imagine a person much older than themselves, who needs to use the stairlift to navigate the tricky journey upstairs. Most of the time this statement can be quite accurate, as stairlifts are an ideal choice to help those who have become a little less mobile.

But a stairlift is not just for the elderly, so here is some more information about locations and groups who might also benefit from having a stairlift installed.

Mobility Issues

Many elderly people use stairlifts as they age due to developing issues with their mobility. But mobility issues are not just a problem for the elderly. There are many medical conditions that can cause mobility issues from a young age. Cerebral palsy, charcot-marie-tooth disease and fibromyalgia are conditions that can affect people from a young age, and people with these could all benefit from the use of a stairlift in their home.

Injury Recovery

If somebody has an injury that makes mobility an issue, a great way to still remain mobile around the home is to rent a stairlift during the recovery period. If pain and fatigue prevent a person from moving about the house, a stair lift is an easy method for them to get between points A and B.

It also allows an individual to live independently while recovering from an injury, as they will be able to access the whole house with the assistance of a loved one or carer.

Business Access

While many businesses nowadays have lifts for easy access around their buildings, some buildings just do not have the space to do so. Installing a stairlift in a commercial building allows it to become an accessible building, and not force employees and guests to climb flights of stairs when they’re not capable.

It would look terrible on a business if a client with mobility issues came for a meeting and they had to climb a few flights of stairs to see you. So if you have no space to have a lift installed, a stairlift can be an ideal solution for you. If you have an employee who has injured themselves recently, you can help with their recovery by renting a stairlift during their recovery time for them to utilise.

Stairlift Rental Around The UK

If you’re looking to rent a stairlift for whatever purpose, work with Alfix today. We are able to offer straight and curved stairlifts that fit your requirements, available on a short and long-term basis. They all come with remote controls so you can effortlessly move your lift, as well as an electrical charging supply that we will discreetly plug into your preferred outlet. If you’d like to talk through your requirements with a member of our team, give us an email today at mail@alfixstairlifts.com and we’ll find the perfect option to suit you.