Why Staying Active As You Grow Old Is Essential

Keeping active is an essential part of life. It can help you keep to a healthy weight, improve your physical strength and even improve your mental health. As you grow older, it can sometimes be easy for your activity to slip, but it is still important to remain active as you age.

Here are some reasons why.

Lower Health Risks

Exercising regularly can help lower your risk of strokes, heart disease, diabetes and a range of other conditions. As you grow older, your chances of these conditions increase, so doing whatever you can to combat them is recommended.

Stay Social

A lot of elderly people naturally begin to be less sociable as they age. This is normally due to reduced mobility and wanting to stay home more. Staying active can help you maintain a social life. By taking classes at a local leisure centre or joining a gym, you can meet new friends and also socialise with old ones while keeping fit. This can improve both your mental and physical health.

Keep Reflexes Sharp

As you age, your body can start to deteriorate and you find you don’t move as well as you used to. Your reflexes might not seem so sharp, which could be a problem and lead you to injure yourself. Exercising can help to keep these reflexes sharp as you age, keeping you in as good a condition as possible. As well as physical reflexes, it can keep your mind ticking over, reducing the risk of mental issues.

What Exercise Should You Do

If you are not that physically active to begin with, make sure you start small. Even five minutes of light exercise can be good to begin with, and then you can slowly build up the amount of time you spend. Try to choose activities that will get your heart rate up but are not too challenging, such as brisk walking, swimming or dancing.

Once you’ve got used to the exercises you can start to increase the time you’re doing it. Cardio as mentioned above is great, but you can also try muscle-strengthening and balance exercises. This could be yoga, tai chi, weightlifting or using exercise bands.

Stair Lifts For The Elderly In Coventry

While staying active is great in your old age, there is nothing wrong with getting a little help if needed. Stair lifts are a great way to allow those with mobility issues to traverse their help. Even an individual with an active lifestyle can be perturbed by stairs and afraid of injury whilst using them.

Stairlifts can also take the strain off limbs, which can help stop deterioration and other symptoms from advancing. Here at Alfix, we can install both permanent and temporary stairlifts at properties of any size. So whether you need a straight or a curved stairlift, get in touch with Alfix today by ringing 024 7695 0073 for stairlift installation in Coventry.