Will a Stairlift Installation be a Problem For Other People in the Home?

Stairlifts are one of the best ways of making it safer and easier to use the stairs. With a secure seat and simple controls that operate the device, users can move freely between floors without putting unnecessary pressure on their body. But, if you’re considering having a stairlift installed then you’re probably wondering how it will affect the rest of your household.

Here, we take a look at how a stairlift may affect your home.

Other household members

In most cases, stairlifts will not cause any major problems for other household members. When you’re choosing your stairlift, you will have help choosing a design that suits your home and needs so it’s just as practical when it is not in use. Generally speaking, these installations do not take up a lot of space on straight staircases and even on curved staircases, they will not prevent people from walking up and down the stairs.


If you have young children in the house or children that visit you regularly, you may be concerned about the safety aspect of the product. First of all, it’s important to keep an eye on young children to ensure that they do not play on the stairlift or tamper with the buttons when you are not around. However, stairlifts are designed to be as safe as possible with features such as finger guards and a fold-away seat which can be tucked away when the lift is not in use.


Due to the position of most stairlift installations, adding a stairgate to stop your pet from tampering with the stairlift may not be possible. But, as with children, stairlifts will also keep pets safe as many include motions sensors that will cause the stairlift to stop if it detects movement or close contact. Plus, you may find that your animal is cautious of the stairlift and choosing not to interact with it.

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