Would I Benefit From a Stairlift in my Home?

Here we have collated a couple of the reasons that you may benefit from having a stairlift in your home. If any of these relate to you, perhaps the time has come to consider investing in one.

You’re helping someone else upstairs by standing behind them

This is something that is a big concern for lots of homeowners. What will happen if you are a carer for a loved one and you end up tripping down the stairs by assisting them? It can be a fatality waiting to happen. 

You have to shuffle up the stairs on your bum

There are much easier ways of getting up and downstairs that don’t involve you sitting on your bum having to do all the leg work! This is not practical and why do the hard work yourself when a stairlift can do it for you?

You have to use a bannister or handrail

Often, people require additional handrails fitted to support them on their way up the stairs, but they are there to help you balance yourself when using the stairs. But if you can’t go without, perhaps a stairlift is what you need.

Here at Alfix, we draw on many years of combined experience to ensure that we supply and install the optimum stairlift for your needs. We have slimline systems for narrow stairs, and unique custom-built systems to overcome access difficulties on difficult staircases. To find out more, please contact us.