3 Considerations Before Any Stairlift Installation

A home stairlift can be a great addition for anybody who has an issue getting up and down their stairs. As time goes on, this can be a more difficult process, and might become impossible without a stairlift.

If you’re in this position, you might consider getting in touch with a stairlifts company straight away. While that isn’t a bad thing, you’ll need to consider a few factors before you do. Stairlift installation can be a complicated and expensive process, after all.

You’ll need to make sure it’s the right option for you before proceeding. By considering three factors, you’ll make sure it is.

Stairlift Installation: 3 Factors To Consider

Is It Appropriate?

Before getting a home stairlift, you’ll need to make sure it’s actually appropriate. That doesn’t solely focus on whether or not you need one in the home. You’ll need to consider if it can actually be installed on your stairs, if you can afford it, and much more.

In some cases, you could need to consider widening the staircase and similar factors. All of this work may be too much for some households, so getting a stairlift installation mightn’t be an appropriate choice. Make sure to figure this out before starting the process. It saves you time and hassle.


One of the major aspects that affects stairlift installation is the dimension of your stairs. You’ll need to figure out what stairlifts will fit, which factors into which types of stairlift you should get. In general, you’ll need between 30 and 32 inches of space on your stairs for a stairlift to be properly installed.

Anything larger or smaller than this means you might not be able to have a standard stairlift installed. You could need to get something custom-made for your property. Whether the stairs are curved or straight shouldn’t play too large of a role, as there are stairlifts designed specifically for them.


When you’re getting a stairlift installation, you’ll need to make sure they’re the right one to carry out the work. The right company makes sure the entire process goes smoothly, while high-quality options will even offer stairlift repairs.

Taking the time to compare different companies will ensure you’re in a great position going forward. It’s also worth checking customer reviews to determine how high-quality a particular company is.

While this means taking a bit more time to research a company, it makes sure you’re getting the service you want, while ensuring the stairlift itself is high-quality.

Stairlift Installation: Wrapping Up

A home stairlift can be a much-needed purchase for quite a few people. By considering each of the factors above, you’ll not only make sure it’s right for you, but that the stairlift installation goes smoothly. It’ll make sure everything’s right for you.

At MedCareNet, we’re here to help you throughout all of this. From simply getting some advice to carrying out stairlift repairs, we have you covered. Get in touch with us on 44 7732 986108, and we’ll be more than happy to help.