3 Practical Household Mobility Solutions

When dealing with reduced mobility due to age or an accident, navigating the home may become a stressful and even painful experience without additional aids. Common mobility solutions such as wheelchairs and zimmer frames can be difficult to fit through hallways and narrow passages, while they may also pose problems when trying to ascend or descend stairs. Alfix can be trusted to provide the ideal tailored stairlift solution for your home, with spiral staircases and lengthy narrow stairway options all popular. If you’re considering stairlift installers in the local area, and don’t know where to start, then we’re ideal. Alongside the convenience of a catered stairlift, there are many other affordable and useful mobility options to explore, and this blog will detail just a few of them.

Continue reading for reliable tips on the very best practical household mobility solutions, with adaptable smaller appliances and larger permanent installations.

Half Step

Simple yet effective, there are many mobility steps which can be acquired to help with daily life, including bulkier installable steps for entering and exiting the bath, or adjustable steps for entering the home with ease. The half step is a smaller and more versatile solution, which can be moved and placed around the house for many purposes, from giving that additional boost into bed, to acting as a steady placement as you descend the main staircase of your home.

Straight Stairlift

Stairlifts are becoming increasingly advanced, with enhanced comfort, added features and plenty of designs to fit the aesthetic of a home. Straight stairlifts are intended for use on a stairway which does not curve in any way, and will make floor-to-floor movement much easier. Controllable via a remote control, joystick or button, features may include foldable seats to save space, safety sensor integration to avoid accidents, and cushioned seats and armrests for that relaxing brief journey up or down the stairs. Curved stairlifts are also available from Alfix for staircases which utilise a less conventional design.

Mobility Ramp

Mobility ramps will be perfect for anyone who uses a mobile scooter, wheelchair or other wheeled mobility aid in their home, and a ramp might even be advisable for those who struggle when navigating existing stairs near a home entrance. Most often made of plastic or metal, these ramps are smooth yet durable, able to hold a large amount of weight. They are also handy for temporary injuries and mobility problems, as they are relatively inexpensive and can sometimes be folded for easy storage.

At Alfix we take great pride in offering the best selection of stairlifts locally, personalising solutions to the exact needs of your loved one. We work closely with all customers, from consultation right up to installation and maintenance within the home. By remaining in contact with our valued clients, we can ensure that everything functions as smoothly as possible. As slimline stairlift specialists, we design and install appliances to small and narrow hallways, so don’t hesitate to contact us today on 01926 334848 with any queries. No staircase is too complex for our team.