5 Moments We Saw Stairlifts on the Big Screen

Many people choose to have mobility aid rental in their homes, to improve accessibility and increase their independence. Because they’re such an imperative tool for accessibility, we’re starting to see them more and more in both tv and film.

Stairlifts are universally known for helping improve mobility, so what films have stairlifts appeared in?


The well-loved Pixar movie, Up, includes the 78-year-old character Carl and his heart-warming story of fulfilling his lifelong dream of visiting South America. What is so great about this movie is how it altered people’s views of the elderly and how meaningful relationships are, even in our later years. You will see Carl use his stairlift during his morning routine, which enables him to go downstairs and enjoy breakfast. His stairlift is a little worse for wear, but you can get a much better model for your own home.

Cloud Atlas

The 2012 Hollywood film starring Tom Hanks, Halle Berry and Jim Broadbent features a few stairlifts. It is a film about six individuals of different generations who explore how human actions impact the lives of their loved ones in a constantly changing world. The film was shot in Dunbartonshire where Broadbent’s character lives in a nursing home. The house was fitted with two stairlifts for the three-day shoot. One stairlift was in the hallway and one was in the garden. This film portrayed how stairlifts can help those who need them and the kind of independence you can gain from the mobility tool.

Phoenix Nights

This Peter Kay comedy is about a man who dreams of owning a popular club. The Channel 4 sitcom is well known for its comedic value rather than for raising awareness of mobility aids. However, in one episode, Peter Kay’s character, Brain Potter, is using the stairlift in his home when it is suddenly pulled to a halt due to a power cut. The good news is that this won’t actually happen to you if there is a power cut in your home. This is because modern stairlifts are fitted with a battery backup feature that will ensure the stairlift can still move, even if there is no mains electricity!

Two and a Half Men

Another sitcom that you can watch that includes a stairlift is the American tv show Two and a Half Men starring Ashton Kutcher. The character Alan experienced a heart attack, so Ashton’s character installs a stairlift to help him in his recovery. This helped show that often people often need stairlifts for other reasons and not just old age. It proved that mobility is still possible in these circumstances and there are many tools to help you.

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