5 Ways to Prepare Your Home for Getting Older

Everyone gets older and at some point, it becomes just a little more difficult to get around. Fortunately, you can begin preparing now to make your home more accessible for yourself or others as you age. It’s surprisingly easy if you know what to consider.

1. Eliminate Tripping Hazards

This is useful for anyone, but particularly those who have limited mobility. Smooth floors make it much easier to walk around, so consider switching from carpet to vinyl or hardwood. Even tile can be a better choice than carpet. Carpet tends to catch on the feet.

You should also eliminate any transitional barriers in doorways. These are often used to hold down the edges of flooring in older homes, but they can be a tripping hazard for shuffling feet.

2. Use Lever Door Handles

If you have ever suffered from a wrist sprain, you know how difficult it is to turn a doorknob when your hand is weak. This happens to many people as they get older, particularly if they’re affected by arthritis. To make things easier, invest in lever-style door handles, which don’t require twisting your wrist.

3. Install Grab Bars

If you hate the idea of putting those ugly bars on your bathroom walls, you’ll be happy to know that there are a number of new styles that look decorative, rather than clinical.

Grab bars allow you to get into the tub without slipping or to get on and off the toilet easier when you have limited mobility. It can be challenging to move in and out of the tub or shower sometimes, so adding some bars will reduce the number of accidents there are.

4. Install a Walk-in Shower

Walk-in showers don’t have a lip to step over. This makes them perfect for anyone who has trouble lifting their feet. It’s also helpful if someone is in a wheelchair. They can wheel right into the shower, without anything slowing them down. Walk-in showers are a great addition to your home, regardless of how mobile you are.

5. Add a Stairlift

If you have stairs in your home, they will eventually become a problem. The best way to ensure you can always make use of every level in your home is to install a stairlift. This gives you extra mobility and allows you to move up and down the stairs safely. It’s useful whether you’re injured or older.

Making your home more accessible is just smart. You’ll be glad of the change later on when you need it and if you choose to sell, an accessible home is worth more on today’s market.

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