Advantages Of Acquiring A Stairlift This Winter

Stairlifts are a brilliant addition if a loved one, friend, or partner is struggling to navigate to and from different areas of your home. Popular and practical, these straight, curved and slimline options are guaranteed to take up very little space and make navigating the various floors of your home as easy as 1-2-3. Winter may seem an odd time to invest in these household additions, but we’ll let you know exactly why this is the perfect time to ensure your home is as accessible as possible with the specialist support of Alfix.  

The Perfect Time 

The beginning of Winter could be the perfect time to have a stairlift installed, with this period a notoriously busy time for contractors and tradespeople. Despite the rush, our team will be sure to accommodate you as a matter of urgency, so you’ll have that much-needed mobility solution in time for the Christmas period. Able to temporarily acquire or have installed permanently there are countless options and varied models to select, from those with folding rails and extra-responsive remotes, to heavy-duty variants available to clients weighing up to 25 stone. 

Seasonal Suitability 

Stairlifts aren’t just simply mobility equipment for the colder months – and even if you do have your system installed during the Wintertime and don’t see the benefits you would expect, we have a range of warranty options available with all our Alfix stairlifts, including with our second-hand straight designs. Year-round, stairlifts work via a simple remote-control switch that controls movement. The lift travels up or down a user’s stairway at their command and releasing the switch at any point will stop the function immediately. All of the stair lifts that we sell and install are equipped with a seatbelt as standard too! 

An Invaluable Aid 

An invaluable aid, the right stairlift can prevent accidents among those who struggle using the stairs usually. If you are elderly or unsteady on your feet, you may struggle to climb a lot of stairs unaided, without a bannister or automated process, and this can result in injury. With a stairlift, this worry is removed. Just think of the stairlift as a way of helping you navigate from point A to point B, reducing risk and aiding convenience along the way. If you’re expecting to regain your mobility in the wake of an injury or operation, you can even rent for a convenient fixed term. 

Assorted Options 

Catered to your staircase set-up, a curved stairlift will serve stairways which don’t consist simply of one straight stairway, and though more expensive, could be the selection worth opting for if your home spans multiple floors accessible via the same staircase. These alternative options can even be made-to-measure, bespoke in nature and fixed to different materials, making them a flexible addition to your home. Space-saving stairlifts and swivel options may also be worth a browse, supplied by one of the leading local stair lift companies in your area – Alfix! 

Found yourself Googling ‘mobility equipment’ or ‘stair lift companies’? Established as a local, family-run business more than 20 years ago, Alfix are committed to providing a solution for all your stairlift requirements. Whether it is a complex, bespoke designed and manufactured curved rail stairlift for several floors, or a simple straight stairlift installed on a rental basis, we have a vast range of systems available for your situation. Ring us on 01926 334848.