Common Stairlift Troubleshooting Tips

Stairlifts are an essential part of many peoples day-to-day lives and crucially important for keeping those with mobility issues safe while at home. If you have noticed that your stairlift isn’t working properly or seems like it’s on the blink, there are a few simple things you can do to ensure it’s working okay!

Adjust the seat

Stair lift chairs have a standard swivel position. If your particular seat is swiveled towards the landing, the chair isn’t going to work and no doubt you will become aware of this very quickly. Swivel the chair back to its riding position after you have used it, then the mechanism will lock it back into place. If the position is not right, an error code will often pop up.

Lower the arms

Lots of stairlifts include armrests on the seat for additional comfort as well as safety. The armrests need to be in the down position for your stairlift to operate efficiently. When they’re left up, this triggers a safety switch. When the switch is engaged, it disables your lift when you try to activate it using the up or down buttons.

Check for any possible obstructions in the way

It’s common for household items to get in the way and obstruct the path of the stair lift. Have a look and see if there are any obstructions in the path or the footrest. Have a tap on both sides to confirm whether the footrest is working. The stairlift will stop working if the underpan sensors detect any obstruction in its path. If it’s safe to do so, see if you can move the stair lift in the opposite direction of the obstruction, and then remove any obstructions that are present.

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