Early Signs Of A Mobility Issue

People often associate mobility issues with the elderly, as they have problems moving about as they grow older. But mobility issues are something that can actually affect any age. While signs may start out minor, they can develop fairly rapidly if not picked up, so it is essential to be looking for signs of a mobility issue so you can help work on it.

Here are some of those signs.


One of the key signs of a mobility issue is beginning to have trouble with your balance. Joint stiffness, slower reaction times, impaired vision and muscle weakness can all lead to a body finding it difficult to stay balanced. Canes, walkers and exercises can help somebody get around issues with balance.

Tripping & Falling

If you find yourself tripping and falling regularly, you may have a mobility issue. People often trip or stumble naturally, but if this is constant, you might have a problem developing. If your feet are slow to keep up and drag across the floor, you may find yourself tripping more regularly. Being off-balance and falling can lead to further injury.

Sitting & Standing

Is standing up and sitting down feeling like more of a struggle than usual? This is a strong indicator of maybe having a potential mobility issue. For a healthy adult, sitting and standing should not be an issue but if you’re unsteady, slow or need something to support you as you stand, you may have an issue.

Purposely Avoiding Being Active

We’ve all been guilty of staying in and putting our feet up instead of going to the gym, but when does skipping the occasional workout become purposely avoiding being active? If you’re skipping exercise because you’re tired, sore or have no energy, you may have a mobility problem already or have one developing from not moving about.

If you find yourself avoiding taking the stairs, this may be a sign of a developing problem. Many people with mobility problems try to move between floors of their house whenever possible, or always seek a lift when out and about.

Stairlifts From Alfix

If you have a mobility issue developing, it is essential you take precautions to prevent further injury. A lot of people try to keep moving through the pain or difficulty, but this can just make the problem even worse. One of the most common ways to reduce unnecessary movement is to install a stairlift in your home.

It provides an easy way to traverse between floors that doesn’t put a strain on the body when it is not needed. Alfix works with our customers to provide stairlifts built for requirements. This includes straight and curved stairlifts, which can be made in a variety of configurations, such as heavy-duty options, or petite models for when the staircase is quite narrow.

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