Four Reasons Why Installing a Stairlift Could be Better Than Downsizing Your Home

If you’re living with a health condition that’s affecting your mobility or perhaps old age is making the stairs harder to navigate, you may be considering your options. Downsizing your property is a practical way of making your home more accessible, however, there are pros and cons to this. Alternatively, stairlifts are a wonderful way of helping you maintain that vital independence without forcing you to sacrifice any upstairs space.

Here are four top reasons why installing a stairlift is a great option.

1.  It’s a quicker option

Putting your home on the market, waiting for it to sell and finding a new home is a long process. During that time your mobility needs could get progressively worse so opting for a stairlift installation could be a more efficient option for your immediate needs.

2.  You can remain in your home

Leaving your home can be upsetting and although downsizing can sometimes be the safest option, if you are able to remain living in the property with help from mobility aids, why not do it? Stairlifts remove the obstacle of using the stairs yet you can still enjoy both levels of your home with ease.

3.  It’s more affordable

The costs associated with moving house can quickly add up. If you’re looking for a cost-effective option then consider installing a stairlift in your home – a reconditioned stairlift is even more affordable if you’re on a tight budget!

4.  The process is less stressful

Stairlifts are designed to be easy to use and safe plus the installation process is not as complicated as it may seem. You could have a new stairlift installed in just a matter of weeks and once it’s fitted you’re ready to go! Compared to downsizing your home, you will experience a lot less stress and have a solution in place faster.

At Alfix, we recognise the importance of living independently. Our range of reliable stairlifts are designed to fit seamlessly into your home and provide you with the mobility support you need day to day. Purchase a stairlift in Warwickshire today with help from our professional team. Call us on 01926 334848.