Great Ways To Improve Your Stairlift

There comes a time in the maturity of retirement when moving around the home starts to become a little difficult. Of course, it’s understandable that this can be frustrating. So, you need to be back moving around the home as quickly as possible. Aside from handrails and ramps, a stairlift is a fantastic option to regain a bit of confidence and convenience in your retirement.

Stairlifts in their simplest form are fairly standard-looking chairs which can be moved up and down a flight of stairs. The lift system uses an electric motor to drive a series of gears which pull the stair lift up or lower it down. Sometimes, however, there are times when you might need a lift with a little more going on. So, what are some helpful additions you can have on your lift?

Slimline stairlifts

Some of us are lucky enough to live in fairly old and historic houses. Despite these homes often being filled with character and style many of them lack the indoor space that perhaps some modern homes have. In this case, it could be useful to use a slimline stair lift. These lifts have a much smaller footprint than a standard machine and therefore should fit in even the tightest of spaces. Not only will this have an immeasurable impact on your quality of life but it will also do the same for the loved ones around you. Those who perhaps don’t use the lift and instead take the stairs will have far more room to manoeuvre.

Folding track stairlifts

Continuing on the issues which older houses sometimes suffer from, a folding hinge back stairlift is a great option. Many older homes have little to no space in the ground floor corridor. This may be due to the front door positioning, as many older homes place the door directly opposite the staircase. These folding track stairlifts mean you can still install a lift to your home even if you do lack corridor space. The rails that the lift moves on can be moved away when the seat is not in use, clearing space in the hallway for easy movement and aesthetic quality.

Heavy-duty lifts

For those customers who weigh up to 25 stone, you can still enjoy the benefits of stairlifts with a heavy-duty model. This means you can move around the house with comfort and ease as you always have done. Whether you decide to go for a lift option with some added features, or you just need a standard stairlift, make sure you speak with some experts before you make your decision. After all, there are a whole host of options available to you including stairlift rentals. Feel free to contact us and we can talk you through the next steps.