Household Additions For Those With Limited Mobility

Ageing inevitably comes with some challenges, and as we get older and wiser, our mobility will likely start to decline too. Everyday tasks which were once easy can become challenging, and activities which were once taken for granted can become a real inconvenience. Thankfully there are plenty of inexpensive, practical and accessible mobility aids to consider, for tasks as varied as entering the home, to showering in the morning and maintaining balance. One of the most prominent issues faced by individuals with impaired mobility is ascending and descending the stairs, making navigation between floors of the home an intimidating prospect. At Alfix, we know how tough this can be, which is why we continue to supply an impressive collection of straight and curved stairlifts for local customers.

Alongside these individualised staircase mobility solutions, read on for some of the most useful appliances and systems to improve your lifestyle.

Wetrooms And Walk-In Showers

Lifting yourself in and out of a bath, or stepping into a shower unit may seem easy with full mobility, but consider the strain of a common medical condition such as arthritis, or the added burden of having to move around with aching joints and muscles, and you may get an idea of why wetrooms and walk-in showers are increasingly popular. Allowing a user to wash and shower with minimal fuss, a wetroom is similar to a traditional bathroom in that it contains all the appliances you would require, but with a more spacious and open arrangement.


Stairlifts are perfect for any home spanning multiple floors and can help an ageing or struggling family member to regain their independence. Often inexpensive, you can browse cheap stair lifts on our website, with new stairlifts, reconditioned used systems and other mobility aid rental options to find. Even if your staircase is complex with landings, narrow turns or curved passages, we can craft a personalised solution to make your life easier, with plenty of extra features and accessories.

Bannisters And Rails

Many households will have bannisters and railings as standard, but these otherwise unnoticeable additions are a real lifeline for individuals without full mobility. Especially helpful alongside staircases as a way to balance, rails may also be positioned beside a bed, bath or other area which will require someone to crouch or lower themselves into a space.

Catering for Warwickshire and surrounding areas, our Leamington Spa base makes us the perfect option for stairway mobility aids locally. Assistance from Alfix can change the way your loved ones navigate their home, offering quality new stairlifts for a range of straight, curved and narrow stairways. Whether you’re recovering from a temporary injury and need a short-term solution, or your elderly relative is finding movement increasingly difficult, we maintain the widest assortment of used systems and bespoke new stairlifts. If you have any questions, or wish to book a consultation, simply contact us today on 01926 334848.